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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Bold Ideas!

Our annual Vision Sunday at Sycamore Ridge was awesome! We had a big crowd and they were enthusiastic about where the church is headed in 2007.

  • After much prayer and thought I talked about planting a new church in Greenville. Research shows that Darke County has a very high number of people who are unchurched. Work is underway to find a core group of people interested in a new church.
  • We also discussed adding a third service to Sunday mornings here in Brookville. Attendance has nearly doubled in the 8 months we've been at the new building. The 11am service is already more than 90% full each Sunday. The 9am has some room for growth, running at 50-60% capacity. But we cannot afford to wait until both services are full - we will lose our momentum.
  • Mobile classrooms were also on the agenda. We need the classrooms for Bible study. Right now our one classroom for adults is full and we have one class meeting in the hallway. People warned us that we would outgrow our building almost immediately - and they were right!

I believe God has some big, bold ideas for Sycamore Ridge in 2007. I pray that more and more people at the Ridge will commit to being servants in building the kingdom of God.